Savio Research and development


Research: up by 100% over four years

A life without research is not worth living.” Thus wrote Plato in his Apology to Socrates, setting the parameters for an attitude which rewards the intelligence, curiosity, dynamism and will of humankind.

At Savio, we translate that into an entrepreneurial challenge, supported by an astounding increase in the resources we invest in research and development:

100% more in four years, rising from 3.5% of our turnover in 2010, to 6.5% in 2014.

Among the greatest innovators on the market

If we think that in the United States, a tech company such as a computer manufacturer can invest as much as 7%, it is immediately clear that Savio’s commitment, in proportion to its size, field of activity and market, is not large – it is colossal.


The energy of experimentation

Basic research is when I am doing what I don’t know what I am doing.”

(Werner von Braun)

When we at Savio start doing what we don’t know what we’re doing, often we manage to achieve something new, which shifts the parameters of an entire product category.

This is the innovating energy generated by our Projects Centre, in which more than 50 specialists from different sectors work, supported by the Testing Centre. The latter is equipped with 27 simulator machines. These run extremely demanding cyclical cycles which are more severe than those required by international regulations.

Research, rewarded by facts


  • More than 190 patents deposited around the world
  • 324 European validations
  • 107 extensions outside Europe


  • The multi-award winning adjustable hinge “Mechanica”, tested up to 1 million cycles
  • Ribanta Incanto, the first tilt-and-turn with concealed hinges for Euro-groove profiles and NC International profiles
  • Ribanta 5, a major international success which changed the concept of tilt-and-turn thanks to its impressive features of rapidity, simplicity and robustness
  • Fixia, the special screw patented for “Mechanica”, for thermal break profiles, which set the load capacity record at 230kg, compliant with the EN 1191:2002 standard

Research for product innovation and quality; research for analysing and understanding new markets; research for efficient environmental sustainability.

Because “A company without research does not deserve to exist.” ( Savio Group )