Code of Ethics

The reputation that the Group has built up over its hundred-year history is also based on compliance with ethical standards defined by laws, regulations and codes of conduct in the daily activities of all its companies.

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Environmental Policy (Global Compact)

Savio cares about sustainability Global Compact The adhesion to the Global Compact commits Savio Group to combine the 10 principles sanctioned by the Sustainability Pact and to integrate them in the decision-making processes, consolidating its role as a socially responsible company and leader in sustainability. It also encourages the adoption of behaviour in line with…

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Savio accessories in the brand new Vietnamese TV skyscraper

A touch of Savio in Europe’s biggest research centreThe people of Hanoi in Vietnam have been walking around with their noses up in the air for a few weeks now. This is because there is a brand new building that has been attracting attention and – let’s say it – literally soaring above the capital’s…

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